About Nutrition Bridge

Nutrition Bridge is a health blog. It covers diverse health related concerns such as diet and health, weight control, analysis about disease, disease intervention & health research.


Our aim is to engage people towards a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent them from diseases. But, unfortunately, our modern generation is a victim of many diseases which has a long-term effect on their health and also on their future generations. It only happens just because of their unhealthy eating habits.  Their health status is totally different from the previous generation. They are less healthy than their counterparts. With the developing world, people are more likely to prefer junk food over simple foods that people in the past preferred. For this reason, we explore good nutrition & diet as well as other health-related issues. People should care more about their health and our nutrition can explain more how it can affect your health either in a good or bad way. It’s a motivation for the community and for better health for the current or upcoming generation. I believe that they will ultimately change their mindset after reading our informative content but I will not give you a 100% guarantee.

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