Camel Milk Cheese and Health Benefits

Camel Milk Cheese and Health Benefits


  • What is camel milk cheese?
  • How its made?
  • Health Benefits

What is camel milk cheese?

The cheese which is made from camel milk is known as camel milk cheese. It is very difficult to make cheese form camel milk than to make cheese from milk of other dairy animals.

Camel Milk Cheese

U.A.E company (camelicious) was first to sell this cheese in January, 2013. They produce 3 varieties of cheese which is meant for salad, sandwich and cooking.

This cheese is very rare and expensive.  Because it is very low in fat which yields less cheese production.  As far as we know even US have few factories to make it. A camel take at least 4 years to produce milk until it give birth to calf .

How to make Camel Milk Cheese?

There are no traditional method exist for camel milk cheese making.But according to recent method, lactic fermentation used to achieve a sour curd. Camel milk doesn’t coagulate easily through adding bovine rennet due  to its inherent(inbuilt) properties. For this purpose, calcium phosphate & vegetable rennet enzymes are  used. This process was invented by FAO commissioned professor J.P. 1990’s.

Health Benefits of Camel Milk Cheese:

  • Low in cholesterol
  • Low in lactose(good for lactose intolerant patient)
  • Higher in nutrients, contain unsaturated fats, vitamin C & minerals

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