Does Butter Contain Lactose?

Does Butter Contain Lactose?

Butter is a high calorie dairy product made by churning the cream, until its solid or liquid portion separates out. It contains high amount of fat and vitamin A but low in carbohydrate, protein and also has trace amount of lactose.


For instance 14g of butter contains 12g of fat and 11% of the DV for Vitamin A. This is all about the butter. Now, let’s come toward the main topic does butter contain lactose. As you know butter is a dairy product and dairy must contain lactose. In regular milk, the lactose content is 5% while in butter it is approx. less than 1%. So, the amount of Lactose in butter is very.

Why butter is so low in Lactose?

As butter is made from cream or butter milk, which is churned to separate the solid or liquid portion. In actual, the liquid portion which is drained out contains lactose. The remaining solid part is butter which is almost lactose free.

low in Lactose

Can Lactose Intolerant patient consume butter?

As it is discussed earlier that butter contain approx. less than1 % lactose which can easily well-tolerated by lactose intolerant persons. Because Lactose-intolerant people can consume upto 12g of lactose at a time and 14g of butter nearly contains 0.1 % lactose. For these reasons, butter includes in lactose-free diet. If still Lactose intolerant don’t want to consume it, they replace it with canola oil, olive oil and coconut oil.


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