Skyr : Why It is Nutritious and Super Healthy?

What is skyr?

Skyr is a cultured Icelandic soft cheese made from skim milk. It has been a staple food in Iceland for thousand of years. First used to eat by Vikings in Iceland.

It is basically a strained milk which gives it to stick to your spoon thickness. It is used in sweet and as well as in savoury dishes.

It’s nutritional properties nearly similar to Greek yogurt. But it is thicker in consistency and more sweeter than Greek yogurt. Moreover, it is high in protein. The probiotic cultures found in skyr much very similar to greek yogurt cultures.

Skyr is produced by adding bacterial cultures to warm skim milk. Once the product consistency become thick, it is strained to remove the whey.

You can eat Skyr with walnuts, sunflower seeds as a healthy breakfast.

Nutrition content of Skyr:

Nutrient content  in 150g of Skyr:

Nutrient Amounts
Calories 150g
Fat 2g
Carbohydrate 8g
Protein 17g
Dietary fiber 0g
Sodium 70mg
Cholesterol 20mg
Calcium 200mg

The protein found in Skyr is same as Greek yogurt. The Greek yogurt contains 7g of potein while skyr contains 11g of protein.  It is almost fat free but if there is no cream being add in it.

Health Benefits of Skyr:

  • Protect against osteoporosis:

Skyr  is high in calcium which increases bone growth & bone density. So, it is protective against osteoporosis. A 3 year study in women showed that eating more calcium from dairy aids in preserve bone density.

  • Promote heart heath:

Cardiovascular diseases is the leading cause of death by 31% worldwide,  Because, dairy contains minerals which is necessary for heart health. One 24 year Japanese study reveals that for every 100g of dairy consumed, there was a 14% reduction in deaths from heart disease.

  • Lower blood pressure:

One study found that dairy products can help lowering the blood pressure found that 3 servings of dairy per day caused a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure in men with high Bp

  • Control blood sugar:

Skyr is high in protein but low in carbohydrates, so it is good for diabetic patient as it lowers blood glucose levels.

Studies prove that eating too much protein slows the absorption of carbohydrates, resulting in lower blood sugar control.

Another 16 weeks reveals that replacing carbs with protein significantly improved blood sugar level.

  • Promote gut health:

Skyr contain probiotics which promotes gut health by boosting healthy bacterial flora that assist with immunity and utilization of nutrients.


Those people who are allergic to casein must avoid it. Because it can trigger allergic reactions with symptoms ranging from bloating and diarrhea to anaphylaxis.


Skyr is popular Icelandic cultured food which is being eaten for thousand of years. It is highly nutritious. You can eat this with fruits, sour cream and walnuts etc

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