Why Goat Milk Known to Similar to Human Milk?

Why Goat Milk Known to Similar to Human Milk?

Goat produce around 2% of the world’s milk but in the last 2 decades, its production has increased. Goat milk considered to be closest milk to humans in some respects, especially oligosaccharides.

goat milk similar to human milk

What research says about goat milk?

A research by university of Australia says that goat milk contains 14 oligosaccharides in which 5 of them are quite similar to breast milk.

Another research by Professor Harsham Gill, there is two types of oligosaccharides fucosylated and sialylated which are present in abundant amount. The oligosaccharide fucosylated also found in copious amount in human milk which has anti-infection properties. Therefore, a best substitute when breast milk is not available. Goat milk also less allergenic and more easily digestible than cow’s milk.


It shouldn’t always be consume as a substitute of human milk. Because, it can cause intestinal irritation & anemia in infants like cow’s milk. This happens due to the lack of vitamin B6, iron, folate, thiamin, niacin & pantothenic acid etc which is essential for growth and development of infants.

There is another problem that if you are finding goat milk formula, it is not easy to find it. It is also expensive than cow milk formula.


It is a best substitute of human milk but only for those children who are above 1 year of age not under1 year of age means not good for infants.

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