Sheep Milk Health Benefits

Sheep Milk Health Benefits

Sheep belongs to North eastern and North African areas of world. Sheep milk accounts for 1% total production. China has been the top 61% sheep milk production. It is being used for producing cheese & other dairy products. There is little information on sheep’s milk than other dairy milk. Most studies show’s that the fatty acid composition mainly depends upon the animal feeding. It contains higher amount of proteins, fats, lactose, minerals and vitamins.

Sheep milk Benefits

Nutrient profile of sheep milk:

The nutrient content in 100g of sheep milk:

Calories 420kJ
Water 82.1g
Total protein 5.6g
Total fat 6.4g
Lactose 5.1g
Ash 0.9%
Calcium 190mg
Iron 0.1mg
Magnesium 18mg
Phosphorus 144mg
Potassium 148mg
Zinc 0.6mg
Copper 0.1mg
Selenium 1.7µg
Vitamin A 64µg

The fatty acid content of sheep milk is similar to goat milk. It contains 5 fatty acid which make 75% fat of it. The short chain fatty acids in 100g of sheep milk are 75g. Sheep milk is high in retinol, CLA & riboflavin etc.

Health Benefits:

It has notable health benefits:

  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Strengthen the bones
  • Boost immune system
  • Prevent birth defects
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Fight with cancerous cells

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