Coconut Embryo – Health benefits and Nutrition facts

What is Coconut Embryo?

The coconut embryo is the edible spherical sponge like cotyledons found inside the fully mature coconut means ‘sprouted coconut’. They possess light sweetness with crunchy water texture, healthier than coconut juice or water. They are not commercially produced. They claimed to be the rarest botanical gem in the world. As it appears, similar to an opal. They are also known as coconut Apple, coconut Pearl , coconut Bubble or germinated coconut in various regions. Their size range may vary. They grow to maximum size in around 20-24 weeks after germination.

coconut embryo

Do you know, they get rancid quickly?

So, it is preferable to eat them while they are fresh, as older larger embryos tend to become rancid quickly and have an unpleasant soapy taste.

How it is formed Coconut Embryo?

It is a formed when a fully ripe mature coconut fell off from the tree and after keeping for 8 months or above (half buried in damp soil). In last months, the roots and shoots grow outwards of the one hole of coconut. The roots first grow down into fibrous husk, which act like a sponge means it soak up all the fresh water inside it. Coconut doesn’t sprouts until unless fibrous husk soaked up all the water. After soaking up all the water, the water inside it will become sponge. When it is fully sprouts, it is better to pick them immediately because they start looking for soil to grow in or to make another coconut tree.

coconut embryo formed

Nutrient Composition:

As we know, consumption of coconut embryo gives us a plenty of benefits. It contains about 66% carbohydrates in which 64% are soluble sugars. They contain appreciable amounts of dietary fiber or minerals (especially potassium, manganese, iron, calcium, phosphorus or magnesium).It also contains vitamins such as vitamin C, B1,B3,B5,B6.

Now, let’s come towards its wonderful health benefits:

      Health Benefits:

  1. It boosts immunity as it is anti-viral, anti-parasitic, and anti-bacterial These properties act as a barrier of several harmful infections.
  2. It is a natural source of energy .Good for athletes.
  3. Improves digestion as it contains fiber content or aids in absorption of several minerals or vitamins etc.
  4. Promotes insulin secretion means good for diabetic patient.
  5. Promotes production of HDL or reduces plague development which keeps our heart healthy.
  6. Good for thyroid patient as it promotes normal functioning of thyroid gland.
  7. It possesses some anticancer agents means act a barrier against cancer.
  8. Protects from degenerative disorders by neutralizing the free radicals in human body.
  9. Revitalizes your skin by reducing wrinkles, age spots, fine lines or droopy skin.

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Helps in weight management as it is low in calories. Boost our metabolic rate. Good for foetal health or pregnant women. Act as a safeguard for bladder infections so prevent us from kidney diseases. Maintain electrolyte balance in our body.

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