Does Dairy Cause or Prevent Cancer?

Does Dairy Cause or Prevent Cancer?

Cancer is strongly influenced by diet. Some research reports suggest that dairy may cause cancer .According to these studies, dairy products contain some micronutrients or various bioactive components which trigger the risk of cancer while some suggested that dairy may prevent cancer.

Finding the link between diet & disease:

To find the link between diet-disease, observational studies must be done prior. By this type of studies, we can find the etiology of a disease or a relationship between Dietary Intake (DI) & the risk of developing disease. But the assumption of these studies has occasionally been proven in many trials of higher quality clinical studies.

Types of cancer caused due to excess consuming of dairy products:

  • Colorectal Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Stomach Cancer
  • Breast or Ovarian Cancer

Colorectal Cancer:

Colorectal Cancer is a cancer of colon & rectum, terminal parts of large intestine. One research cohort data (1) analyzed the inverse association between milk intake & risk of Colorectal Cancer. This research means consuming dairy may reduce the risk of this type of cancer. Furthermore, there are some components in dairy which fight against cancerous cells such Calcium (2), Vitamin D (3) or Lactic Acid bacteria (4) found in fermented dairy products (yogurt, cheese etc).

Prostate Cancer:

Prostate Cancer is the cancer of prostate gland which is located just below the bladder. It’s main function to produce prostate fluid (part of semen). One report studies suggested the positive link between diets high in calcium and risk of prostate cancer (5), means it fight against cancer. While some shows a negative association, due to the presence of Insulin Growth Factor (IGF-1) (6) or Estrogen hormones (7) in dairy which increases the risk of this cancer.

Stomach Cancer:

Stomach cancer is the 4th most common cancer in the world, also known as Gastric Cancer. One report studies suggested that the presence of IGF-1 not only stimulate prostate cancer but also promote stomach cancer. Moreover, cow feed also form toxic components in milk (8) which cause gastric cancer, not all feeds only those feeds which contain ferns (bracken ferns). These bracken ferns contain ptaquiloside; a toxic component causes gastric cancer.

Breast Cancer:

It is the most common forms of cancer in women, less found in men. Some dairy products may have protective effects  (9) against cancerous cells but excluding milk.

Safest amount of drink to be consume:

The current RDA of consuming dairy is 2-3 cups/serving per day which is also equivalent to 2 glasses per day.

Dairy food Group


If we will maintain our dietary patterns. Then, I am sure that we might not be attacked by these fatal diseases. So, one should consume milk in a safest amount to lead a healthy life.


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