How to stay calm during the Corona Virus (Covid-19)

How to Stay Calm During The Corona Virus (Covid-19) Global Pandemic?

I know most people are under stress during this unforeseen and nerve-racking situation but don’t take too much stress, Stay calm. Being calm can resolve many problems.

“In God’s house there might be delay in serving justice but never overlooked.”

It’s especially true in the case of natural disasters where the basic necessities of life – food, clothing, shelter & water take a big hit- which are probably the issues faced by the poverty-stricken people

Having a strong understanding as well as control over your mind, can help you deal with unforeseen circumstances with ease. It’s not only good for you but also for the loved ones around you. Its true there is a shortage of a basic things

Here are some tips which will help out you to cope with this situation:

1. Be positive:

“Although life is filled with twist and turn, only you have the ability to make a positive change into your life” (E.M. Genesis).

be positive

Don’t let anxiety or nervousness blow your mind. So, the first thing that you should do is to spread the aura of positivity. As you know, we all are going through tough times but the point here is to trick your mind into thinking that in the end everything will be alright. Just keep your mind and heart free of panic attacks

2. Learn Something New:

The another best way to keep you free of anxiety is to learn something new or indulge in a hobby . A brain needs transition to maintain its youthful function. This could mean to learn a new language, learn cooking, learning to dance and so on.

learn something new

“Let’s hone your craft through your artistic abilities during your quarantine”

Learn something new will broaden up your mind for new routes. An hour a day may be enough.

3. Fake a smile:

Smiling is the best way to trick your mind. The best way to trick your mind is to smile. Research has found that by simply expanding your facial muscles by smiling, makes you feel better. Whistle, hum or do whatever that can make you feel less stressful.

fake smile

4. Take Deep Breaths:

This is a sure shot way to balance your emotions during times of distress. Research has shown that deep breathing technique is capable to induce an effective improvement in mood and stress.

Take long deep breaths

Now what you have to do:

Close your eyes and take few deep breaths. Inhale through your nose for 4 counts, hold your breath until 7 and exhale through your mouth slowly and steadily while counting 8. This is called 4-7-8 method and can do wonders.

5. Chat with your close friend or family:

It is not only important for you to stay calm but also keep in touch with your family to know whether they are right or not. Also help them to stay in peace.

Chat with friend or family

If there are old people at home, start a interesting debate or play some indoor games with them. An evident suggests that social support has positive effects on mental and physical health.

6. Turn a Deaf Ear to Rumors:

Rumors spread like forest fire and currently social media is playing a key role of it. We wonder who derives such a sadistic pleasure by spreading these. Never pay heed to such false news. I know I am getting a little bit biased but stay away from social media. They always spread negative aura. If you really want to aware about the current situations.,watch news on official TV channels. A experimental study found that exposure to rumors and conflicting information that arise out of the ambiguity of a crisis may have negative consequences for the people who receive and believe them. Moreover, he extent to which people trust the channels through which unofficial and conflicting information flow may exacerbate distress.

The last thing, I would like to say: “God’s delays are not god’s denials.” (Robert Shuller)

These are my tips to how to cope with the current situations. Do tell me how you guys are coping right now. Comment in the section below.

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