Yak Milk Nutrition Facts

Yak Milk Nutrition Facts

Yaks are similar to cows but they live in high-mountainous areas of world like Mongolia, Western China, Russia, Nepal, India etc. The population of these countries are very reliant on this animal milk, meat & fur etc. Because, they are sometimes the only dairy species available in these regions.

In Tibetan Plateau where some 95% of the yak lives, they consume its milk or even used its butter in their tea.  Many factories in these countries produce dried yak milk for domestic consumption. Its consumption rate is similar to buffalo milk but they are distinct in respect of their protein content.

Nutrient Profile of Yak Cheese:

The nutrient content of 100g of yak milk contains;-

Calories 417kJ
Total fat 5.6g
Total protein 4.2g
Lactose 3.3-6.2
Water 75.3g
Ash 0.4

Like buffalo, it fat content is also higher than cow’s milk.

Report shows that it contains small amount of PUFA which is about 2g in 100g of milk while short chain fatty acids are about 65g in 100g of yak milk. There is also more protein in yak milk than other dairy animal or even humans.

Health Benefits of yak cheese:

  • Contain CLA:

Small quantities of CLA are also found in it such as 0.2g in 100g of yak milk. CLA’s are good for cardiovascular health.

  • Contain amino acids:

It contain 18 types of amino acids which can’t be artificially synthesized. These amino acids are good for health

  • Rich source of β-Lacto globulin:

Yak milk contains β-lacto globulin in twice amount such as 708mg in 100g of yak milk than cow’s milk which has 300-400mg in 100g. It is the abundant whey protein, boost immunity & promotes cell proliferation.

  • Rich source of Lactoferrin:

A report shows that the lactoferrin amount in yak milk is 2-6 times higher than cow’s milk such as 67mg in 100g. It is a multifunctional protein stimulates immune system and extends the aging process.


Mongolian people make variety of products using yak milk which includes:

  • Kurut;- It is a fermented yak milk, rich in protein & fat.
  • Yogurt
  • Yak cheese;- It is a hard Swiss style Gruyere cheese, produced in Nepal, Mongolia, Bhutan, India & Pakistan
  • 2 types of butter; – It includes white butter and yellow butter. White butter is eaten with using sugar and it also contains protein and fat.


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