Frozen Yogurt: Is It Low in Fat?

Frozen Yogurt: Is It Low in Fat?

Frozen Yogurt:

A best alternate of ice cream, made by fermenting pasteurized milk with traditional yogurt cultures, until the proper acidity reached. Then, manufactures mixed it with pasteurized ice-cream mix of milk, cream and sugar, needed for desired consistency. This frozen yogurt base mix then can be blend with fruits. It is a non-standardized food. Thus, it is not subject to Federal composition standards.

what is Frozen Yogurt

Nutritional Profile:

Frozen yogurt nutrient content mainly depend upon the type of milk, sweeteners & flavorings used in it. Nutrient content in 1 cup of plain frozen yogurt and ½ cup of non-fat frozen yogurt:

Nutrients Plain frozen yogurt Non-fat frozen yogurt
Calories 214 100g
Fats 2.94g 0g
Carbohydrate 39.24g 23g
Protein 9.4g 3g
Dietary fiber 0.6g 0g
Calcium 318mg 100mg
potassium 456mg 0g

Is it low in fat?

Frozen yogurt contains less fat. For e.g ;- 8 oz of frozen yogurt contains 2.94g of fat in it.

Is it as healthy as regular yogurt?

No, it is not healthier than regular yogurt because it contains too much sugar content which regular yogurt doesn’t contain.  If you are looking a healthier yogurt, then choose plain, regular yogurt which give you multiple health benefits.

Is frozen yogurt a best alternate of ice cream?

Yes it seems so because it contains less fat as compared to ice cream(full-fat). Less fat in frozen yogurt is due to the slight difference in ingredients. Icecream made from cream while frozen yogurt made from milk but contains too much sugar than ice cream. Too much sugar is added to avoid big crystals before it get frozen. So also avoid its higher consumption. The key to enjoying both is in moderation as a “once in a while” treat.

How Many Calories in Frozen Yogurt and Regular Yogurt?

Frozen Yogurt                        VS                   Plain Yogurt

Calories : 210 Calories : 149
Carbs : 39.2g Carbs : 11.4g
Fat : 2.94g Fat : 8g
Protein : 9.4g Protein : 8.5g
How Many Calories in Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream?

Frozen Yogurt                        VS                   Ice Cream

Calories : 210 Calories : 267
Carbs : 39.2g Carbs : 32.45g
Fat : 2.94g Fat : 14.26g
Protein : 9.4g Protein : 4.68g

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