Fresh Water Fish VS Salt Water Fish Which One is Better

Fresh Water Fish VS Salt Water Fish Which One is Better

A question which nobody asks which one is more nutritious either it is a freshwater fish or saltwater fish. Because they both live in marine areas. The saltwater fish tend to consume easier due to the difference in their bony structure. It contains larger bones than freshwater fish which contain small bones and larger bone are easy to debone and usually takes less time. It means that freshwater fish requires much more time to consume and care to debone But in this article, we will discuss about the difference between freshwater fish and salt water fish

Fresh Water Fish VS Salt Water Fish Which One is Better

When it comes to their nutritional content; freshwater fish may have a slight advantage than saltwater fish. Freshwater fish are generally rich in calcium and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids than saltwater fish. The freshwater variants tend to contain more vitamin A and folate. Most people believe than saltwater fish contains too much calcium than freshwater fish because they live in saltwater. But this is the wrong belief, fish have an internal sodium from the water from being absorbed by the flesh.

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Differences in Taste


Marine fish don’t taste salty because fish excrete excess salt in urine to maintain electrolyte balance in the body. If we compare saltwater fish to freshwater fish than saltwater fish has a good taste. It has a briny taste which enhances is flavor. This property is absent in freshwater fish. A case- control study reveals that higher freshwater fish and sea fish intake is inversely associated with colorectal cancer risk among the Chinese population

Differences in Mercury Level

Mercury is a toxic pollutant that is usually present in saltwater fish than freshwater fish. It is hazardous to human health especially vulnerable groups like pregnant women and young children.For this purpose, EPA and FDA recommend avoiding high mercury fishes for pregnant women But thanks for nature who help in making methyl mercury less toxic. According to the 2010 research, In seawater, mercury tends to attach with dissolved organic matter, sunlight reached their and breakdown this methyl mercury into a less toxic form. So, even though if there’s some mercury content in water, it does not absorb by fish.

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